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Guillermo Sanchez Martinez
Librería Andarto
Pico de Ori 1
Pamplona 31006
Ms Alicia Bardon
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Libreria Bardon
Plaza de San Martín 3
Madrid, E-28013

The Asociación Ibéria de Librerias Anticuarias (AILA) was founded in Barcelona in 1990. Three years later, on 5 February 1993, AILA joined the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers during the ILAB Presidents' Meeting in Los Angeles.

Today, AILA has 42 members, and the current president is Alicia Bardon.

In 2008, the Spanish Antiquarian Booksellers' Association organised the 38th ILAB Congress and the 22nd International Antiquarian Book Fair in Madrid. ILAB booksellers enjoyed a fascinating cultural programme and a lively antiquarian book fair at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid. They admired the treasures of the Royal Palace, the Prado and the Escorial, the Thyssen Foundation, the Queen Sofia Centre and the Lazaro Galdiano Foundation, which owns one of the most important art collections and libraries in Spain.

AILA's previous president, Madrid bookseller Gonzalo F. Pontes, also served as an ILAB committee member and later as ILAB Vice President (2014-2016) and ILAB President (2016-2018). In 2018, his contributions to the ILAB community were rewarded with the ILAB President of Honour Award.

In 2015, Gonzalo F. Pontes and his colleagues organised a memorable ILAB Presidents' Meeting in Seville.
Read the 2015 report >> HERE


Since 1992, AILA has organised a bi-annual fair, alternating between Madrid and Barcelona.
The Madrid Antiquarian Book Fair, previously held in the Madrid Town Hall, moved to a new venue in 2023, now taking place at Claudio Coello Street 99, the head office of the Carlos de Amberes Foundation in the beautiful neighborhood of Salamanca.

26 Spanish antiquarian booksellers but also international exhibitors from foreign cities such as Vienna, Budapest, Lisbon, San Antonio (Texas), Aachen (Germany) and Zoetermeer Netherlands) participated in the fair.

Some impressions of the 2023 Madrid Antiquarian Book Fair

Or view a video of the 2017 Madrid Book Fair

Annual meeting



Alicia Bardon

Term of office

4 years

Committee Members

Dña. Alicia Bardón Iglesias, President

D. Manuel Sánchez Llorente, Vice-President

Dña. Ana Fortes García, Treasurer

D. Guillermo Sánchez Martínez, Secretary

D. Ignacio Asín Urquia, board member

D. Albert Obradors Casals, board member

Dña. Belén Bardón Iglesias, board member

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