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Catalogus 44 Antique Games

Antiquariaat Arine van der Steur

Bread and games are the necessities of life. Antique games therefore have a long history. The goose game (Ganzenbord) was already played in the 16th century. Many varieties have been made after this prototype.
The iconography of the goose game often includes an image of a garden.
The game is a simple race game in which the movement of the players’ distinctive tokens along a spiral track is determined entirely by the throw of dice. The game is also known as le jeu de l’oie, il gioco dell’oca, het ganzenbord, das Gänse-spiel, etc. In course of time, the game developed into a thousand of variant race games.
In this catalogue we present a couple of parent games (dated from 1776), but also the varieties such as the Gaz-licht spel (ca 1850), the Nieuwe historie spel van Nederland (1821), The owl games (from 1833), Door Nederland ganzenbord (1902), etc.
We furthermore present various books on cheating with cards, magic books, a pocket cinema with a boxing match and many prints with games in it or relating to games.
Special attention is justified for the reverse joke/omkeergrapje: groom and bride (nr 22485) and the clown sticking out his tongue (nr 66834). Finally, less funny but intriguing, we offer prints on cockfighting and dog fighting.
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