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c/o Rönnells Antikvariat
Birger Jarlsgatan 32
SE-114 29 Stockholm
Simon Ström
Association Phone
+46 (0)8 653 08 08
President Email
President Address
Lina Sandells plan 24
SE-129 53 Hägersten

Svenska Antikvariatfeningen (SVAF) was established in 1936, and belongs to the League since its beginnings. Current president is Simon Ström.

Since 1936 the Swedish trade has changed dramatically, as everywhere. With the growing influence of the internet, many Swedish dealers have specialized. As a consequence, the Antiquarian Booksellers Associations of Sweden, Denmark and Norway decided to set up an online database for their members ten years ago: went online in October 1998, it has 91 participants and over 1.7 million titles today.

In cooperation with the other Nordic associations, the SVAF arranged the 36th ILAB Congress and the 19th International Antiquarian Book Fair in Scandinavia.
In 2023, SVAF hosted the presidents of all national associations for the 2023 ILAB Presidents Meeting. A report can be viewed >> HERE and >> HERE

Annual meeting

prior April 1st

Simon Ström


Lorenz Hatt, Vice-President
Hans Kleine, Treasurer
Jörgen Langhof, Secretary
Mats Petersson, Committee Member

Johan Hammarström, Deputy Member

Patrik Andersson, Auditor

Magnus Wijk, Auditor
Glenn Sjökvist, Deputy Auditor

Mats Rehnström, Election Committee

Reijo Rantanen, Election Committee


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