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Education in the Netherlands

A presentation of book studies in the Netherlands.
Universiteit Leiden

Universiteit Leiden - Book and Digital Media Studies (MA)

The master’s programme in Book and Digital Media Studies introduces you to the history of the written and printed word, and to theories and practices of publishing as well as textual media.

The Book and Digital Media Studies programme provides in depth knowledge of the history of the book (manuscript and print) and theories and practices within the field of publishing and textual media. Students will graduate with detailed knowledge of the most relevant issues and important academic skills in the field of Book Studies.

>> Book and Digital Media Studies (MA)

Universiteit van Amsterdam - Boekwetenschap

In Book Science and Manuscript Science, it is all about the past, present and future of the handwritten and printed book. Books fix and display knowledge and are part of the information and communication media. The history of the book is the key to the digital future.

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>> MA Boekwetenschap en handschriftenkunde