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Type & Forme

Type & Forme presents books of importance to the history of printing and culture {including a vellum leaf printed in 1472, the first biography of Elizabeth I, Newton in first edition, an important edition of Goethe’s Faust and the first appearance of The Moonstone}; beautifully illustrated works {Conan Doyle’s Arctic whaling journal, the first collaboration between Mark Twain and his favourite illustrator, works by Beatrix Potter and Edward McKnight Kauffer, and early travel photography}; signed, inscribed and association copies {Journey’s End, crime novels by Dorothy L. Sayers and Ruth Rendell, inscribed Laurie Lee, Angela Carter from her own library, and signed posters by Gilbert & George}; and a selection of other noteworthy works and modern first editions. Five centuries of human expression on paper, preserved for the twenty-first century.
  • Early printing
  • Illustrated books
  • Literature
  • Travel
  • Twentieth century