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Président / Présidente
Robert Wright
(613) 379-2108
P.O. Box 45
Tamworth ON
K0K 3G0 Canada

Established in 1966, the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Canada (ABAC) or Association de la Librairie Ancienne du Canada (ALAC) became an ILAB member in 1970. Robert Wright serves as current president of the ABAC which unites 56 Canadian booksellers today.

The ABAC is the premier organization of professional antiquarian booksellers in Canada who provide books in all collecting areas, and for all tastes. It was founded with the aim of fostering interest in rare books and manuscripts and maintaining high standards in the antiquarian book trade. To further these objectives the ABAC sponsors book fairs and endeavours to stimulate interest in book collecting by private collectors and public institutions. In 2005, the ABAC welcomed the ILAB Presidents to their annual meeting in Montrl.

Membership is open to antiquarian booksellers of good character and reputation who have been actively and solely engaged for at least three continuous years in the buying and selling of antiquarian books, and whose principal place of business is Canada. Applicants have to provide four recommendations from members in good standing who vouch for the applicant's expertise and integrity.

ABAC booksellers offer a broad variety of antiquarian and rare material which they are qualified to describe, authenticate and guarantee. They have one or more fields of expertise. This expertise is partially demonstrated through scholarship, bibliographic descriptions, collations, catalogues, lists, quotes and appraisals. An ABAC bookseller must also have a good reference library of bibliographies and standard reference works.

The ABAC Mission & Ethics Statement


Robert Wright

Term of office

2 years


Robert Wright, President
Marvin Post, Treasurer
Karol Krysik, Secretary
Megan Webster, Director-at-Large
Jean Daoust, Director-at-Large
Debra Dearlove, Director-at-Large
Aimee Peake, Director-at-Large

Members Emeriti

Martin Ahvenus
Giacomo Falconi
Asher Joram
Yvonne Knight
Jerry G. Sherlock
Hugh Anson-Cartwright

Annual Meeting


Book Fair

The annual Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair takes place at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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