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Librería Miguel Miranda

Miguel Miranda Barrientos
C/ Lope de Vega, 19
Madrid, E-28014
Heures d'Ouverture
- From Monday to Friday: From 11:00 am to 15:00 pm and from 17:30 pm to 20:30 pm
(+34) 914-294-576

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The bookshop was founded by Miguel Miranda Vicente in 1949. At that time, it was located on the Prado Street, next to the Athenian of Madrid. Don Miguel relished alternating between the life of a bohemian bookseller, athenian, and intellectual and his life as an actor in the Spanish Theater of Madrid. Little by little, he became more captivated by the world of books until he left the theater to devote himself entirely to his bookshop. Over time, the shop became a social gathering place for academics, intellectuals, university professors, and many others of diverse cultures and interests. The social and intellectual life of the shop was almost as important to Miguel as the books he was selling. He would later transfer to a location on Lope de Vega Street. In 1980, another shop was opened on San Pedro Street, directed by Miguel's son and disciple, Miguel Miranda Miravet. Since his father's death in 1997, the son has taken over all aspects of the business, which he operates from the location on Lope de Vega Street.


  • Beaux-arts
  • Économie
  • Histoire
  • Droit
  • Littérature
  • Livres anciens et rares

Autres Spécialités

History, Literature & Drama, Politics, Economy, Law, Arts, America (indigenous cultures, colonial history and politics from the independence), Bibliophilism (ancient books & first editions), Magazines (literary, philosophy, history, politics, medical, law and business), Varia (biographies, hunting, aviation, army, cuisine, genealogy, bullfighting, sexology, fiction...).

Librería Miguel Miranda

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