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Galerie Artwins

Caroline Thieffry
11, rue de Belzunce
Paris, 75010
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Monday - Saturday 11 am to 7 pm
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The Artwins online gallery presents a selection of drawings, prints and paintings, mainly from the 19th century, in a ‘fin-de-siècle’ vein that is both Symbolist and Romantic. Many of the works echo well-known subjects from literature and opera, reinterpreted by artists of the period. Our intention is also to enable some forgotten artists, particularly women and foreigners, to regain their letters of nobility.

The works we offer are carefully selected for their plastic and historical qualities, and each one is the subject of in-depth research. Whether you are an art lover, a collector or simply curious, we can help you with your acquisition, appraisal and sale.


  • Estampes et dessins
  • Curiosités
  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Lithographs

Autres Spécialités

19th and early 20th century drawings and paintings, Symbolism

Galerie Artwins