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Atticus Books

Michael Freedman
Shirley Josephs
Office (mail only) 315 Blythwood Road
Toronto, Ontario  M4N 1A7
(416) 922-6045
(416) 480-1243
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  • Beaux-arts
  • Antiquité classique
  • Économie
  • Histoire
  • Orientalisme
  • Philosophie
  • Moyen-Orient

Autres Spécialités

Scholarly books - Medieval, Renaissance, Mathematics, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Medicine . In short most academic disciplines .

Conditions de vente

We accept payment by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), cheque (if ordering from outside Canada, cheque must be drawn on a US bank), or international money order (in $US). We use the postal service for shipping, although we can ship via UPS or FedEx if requested to do so. We do not charge you a handling or packing fee. The shipping charges posted below are what Canada Post charges us for postage. Shipping charges depend entirely upon parcel weight. For Canadian delivery via regular post, the charge depends upon postal code. For USA delivery, the surface mail charge for the average book (1kg or less)is US$12.00; the air mail charge is US$13.25. Express air mail is availalbe for US$22.50. For international delivery, the surface mail charge for the average book (1kg or less)is US$15.00 the air mail charge is US$32.50. Please note: Canada Post does not offer Global Priority. Unless air mail is specified in the "Additional Message" box of the order form, ordered books will be shipped via surface mail. We accept returns only at our discretion; if you feel you need to return a book, let us know beforehand. Our books, unless otherwise noted, are in good to very good condition, and we have had very few returns. We are very good packers and our book parcels almost never suffer damage through the mail. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the popularity of ordering used books online, it is possible that the book you're requesting may recently have been ordered by another customer and may no longer be available. A specific title may also be on 'hold' awaiting payment. Keep trying. Other dealers are eager to help you buy the book you're looking for.