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Victor Hugo et ses proches


Librairie Michel Bouvier

Spécialités : Littérature

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Catalogue XIV - Autographes et oeuvres d'Art.

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Livres candiens/ Canadiana : Liste Avril 2019- April List


Roger Auger, libraire

Spécialités : Canada

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Leonardo da Vinci's Library
Leonardo da Vinci: reflected in his library
Publié le 06 Mai 2019
Leonardo da Vinci was a tireless and inquisitive reader. He owned more than 200 books about science and technology as well as literary and religious topics. An exhibition organized by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and the Berlin State Library at the Museo Galileo in Florence sheds new light on the intellectual cosmos of the artist, engineer, and philosopher, who remains as fascinating as ever 500 years after his death.
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