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Catalogue 13 - Miscellaneaous

Librairie-Galerie Emmanuel Fradois

13th catalog of the Librairie-Galerie Emmanuel Fradois composed of 64 works from the 16th to the 20th century.

You will find in particular:

1. A 16th century binding made of only unbound books,
5. A curious reworked edition of Théophile de Viau's works,
7. The first edition of the Cocue imaginaire in contemporary vellum,
12. and 13. Two unpublished convulsionary manuscripts,
17. An important unpublished manuscript concerning the finances of Louis XV,
25. An unpublished anti-philosophical unica from the 18th century,
32. An atlas, witness of the reorganization of France under Bonaparte,
36. 50 botanical watercolors by the daughter of Madame de Genlis,
39. Empress Marie-Louise's copy of a book narrating her own history,
58. A title page printed on aluminum,
61. A luxurious pamphlet on the enthronement of Emperor Hirohito,
64. A "penetrating" religious work.

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