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Mario Giupponi re-elected as President of ALAI, the Italian Antiquarian Booksellers Association

At the annual meeting of ALAI on Tuesday, 21 May 2019, Mario Giupponi, bookseller from Riva del Garda in Northern Italy, was re-elected as president of the association.
Published on 23 May 2019
Mario Giupponi

Since 2017, Mario Giupponi has led the Italian Antiquarian Booksellers Association, the Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia (ALAI) and was proactively involved in launching a number of new rare book fairs and events in Italy since the closure of the fair in Milan in 2016. 

In January 2018, ALAI initiated a rare book fair in Milan's Salone della Cultura, and another fair in May 2018 and 2019 at Turin's National Library, coinciding with the Turin International (modern) Book Fair. In March 2019, the association set up a selling exhibition at a collector's impressive home, the unusual ”il Labirinto di Franco Maria Ricci” in Fontanello near Parma. 

Mario Giupponi's Benacense bookshop was founded in 1990 and is now located in Riva del Garda on Lake Garda in northern Italy. In his bookshop "riposano" rest 50,000 volumes of each epoch and theme. The bookshop regularly publishes on-line catalogues of antiquarian and rare books on Literature, bibliography, history, travel, mountaineering and local Italian history.

ILAB President Sally Burdon congratulated Mr Giupponi on his re-election: "Mario has not just been an ambassador and representative of ALAI since he became president, but also an engaged and very helpful 'international book citizen'! We are looking forward to working together again!"

Mario Giupponi commented to ILAB: 

"From Italy, after the elections, the ALAI committee announces to be ready and proud to be again involved in the ILAB projects. In the reaffirmed position of president, I hope to be able to make all the best for the association. We will start immediately to work… sure to have the support of all the ILAB community."

ALAI Committee as of May 2019
The ALAI Committee from left to right: Massimo Gilibert, Gabriele Maspero, Giovanni Biancardi, Mario Giupponi, Loris Rabiti, Alessandro Santero and Andrea Donati

Mr Giupponi and the Italian Antiquarian Booksellers Association can be contacted HERE


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