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Baroque Book Design - Museum Plantin-Moretus

decoration28 Sept. 2018|06 Jan. 2019

Baroque Book Design: "Rubens was at home here"

How did the book evolve in the Baroque era? Why did a publisher such as Balthasar I Moretus collaborate with prominent artists such as Peter Paul Rubens? And how do publishers innovate the book trade?

The exhibition shows the love for the publisher's profession. It is a story about friendship and collaboration, past and present. 


Browse through beautifully designed books from then and now in the exhibition 'Baroque Book Design', view Rubens' paintings in the living room of the family and unravel book secrets or get to work during the 'Special Days' in the museum.

The Museum Plantin-Moretus, named after the famous printing and publishing family is housed at the family's original home and studio in one of Antwerp's historical buildings and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


28 Sept. 2018|06 Jan. 2019
Vrijdagmarkt 22
Museum Plantin-Moretus
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