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Virginia Woolf
Identifying characteristics
Revealing glimpses of Virginia Woolf & essential for an understanding of her writing methods & how her thought process influenced her life & relationships. It was not until Woolf's full Diaries were published that they were recognized, with her letters as companion, as her literary masterpieces. Virginia Woolf kept her diaries from 1915 until her death in 1941. Her husband, Leonard Woolf, notes in his preface that her "diary gives for 27 years a consecutive record of what she did, of the people whom she saw and particularly of what she thought about those people, about herself, about life, and about the books she was writing or hoped to write." Leonard Woolf has here excerpted his wife's diaries from 1918 through 1941, including every reference his wife's diaries made to her own writing. The resulting book "throws light upon Virginia Woolf's intentions, objects, and methods as a writer. It gives an unusual psychological picture of artistic production from within." Kirkpatrick & Clarke A31a. A rare & desirable Association Copy. Signed. Bookseller Inventory # 32493
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