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Date of publication
Identifying characteristics
This very interesting old Bible is known as a “Judas Bible” because of a misprint in Matthew 26 verse 36, where “Judas” is printed instead of “Jesus”. In this copy, the mistake has been corrected in 17th-century handwriting. The Bible bears the date 1611, the year in which the first three editions of the Authorized Version were issued. A careful comparison of them shows that this is one of the second edition. The last chapter of St Luke’s Gospel, and the first chapters of St John’s Gospel, are missing and have been replaced by some pages out of the “Great Bible”, which are older still. The “Great Bible” was first published in 1539, and it was in common use until the Authorized Version superseded it.
Date of theft report
Location of theft
St Peter's Church, Creeton, Rutlan
Date of theft
Between 3 and 11 February 2013
Police report number
Incident no 66/13Feb 2013, Crime no 32130005825