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Thomas Hill
Date of publication
Date of theft report
Location of theft
The former Rectory, the parish of St Mary and St Ethelburga, Lyminge, Kent
Date of theft
Not known - at some time during the last 22 years
Circumstances of theft
"During 1990’s a map, known as the Bedingfield Map – after the philanthropic landowner Timothy Bedingfield, hung in the then Rectory of Lyminge in Kent. Duncan Harrington transcribed the annotations on the map and the transcription survives as does a very poor quality photograph. We are now looking for the map as enquiries made of the church and a search through the archive have revealed nothing. A small copy of the map is shown here. If you recognise it, know where it is now or if you remember seeing it during the last 22 years please get in touch with Duncan Harrington. From the transcript we know that it was drawn to show:

“A mapp and description of a farme with 12 parcells of land thereunto belonging in the parish of Liminge in the county of Kent belonging to Capt. Timothy BEDINGFEILD” "

The return of the map will enable us to document further the history of the parish and will enrich us all.
Police report number
Not yet available