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[TRAFALGAR, Battle of.]
Date of publication
7 November 1805
Identifying characteristics
I. The celebrated and extremely rare 7 November 1805 edition of The Times, containing Vice-Admiral Collingwood’s Trafalgar dispatch. This copy is inscribed in ink in a contemporary hand ‘Victory of Lord Viscount Nelson & Capture of Nineteen Sail of the Line’ at the head of the front page. II. The Times of 15 November 1805, which includes an announcement regarding arrangements for Nelson’s lying-in-state. There is also an account (and transcription) of an epilogue in memory of Nelson delivered at the end of a performance of Reynolds’s The Delinquent at Covent Garden. III. The Times of 3 December 1805, containing accounts of the Battle of Trafalgar from the Madrid Gazette of 5 November and the Gibraltar Chronicle of 9 November. IV. The Times of 5 December 1805, announcing that ‘the remains of Lord Nelson may be expected hourly to arrive at Portsmouth, as the Victory and Belleisle have been seen off the Lizard’.
Date of theft report
Circumstances of theft
Lost on return from Pasadena Book Fair.