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What bookdealers really mean. A dictionary by Tom Congalton and Dan Gregory (Between the Covers), with additions from other sources
Term english
Contemporary binding
Definition english
A binding that was placed on the book at or around the time of publication. Some books were issued in paper covers, or plain cardboard boards, and the purchaser would often have a binding commissioned for it that would suit his taste or library. This was particularly common in France, where most books were published in this manner. Contemporary can mean original, but usually indicates some doubt as to that fact in the mind of the scrupulous seller (as opposed to "original boards," where the seller is confident). Contemporary, as used here, doesn’t mean "modern" or contemporary to you, unless you were around when the book was published.
Term french
Reliure d'époque, contemporain
Definition french
Reliure fabriquée à l'époque où le livre a été imprimé.
Term danish
Term dutch
Gelijktijdig, uit de tijd
Term italian
Contemporaneo, coevo
Term spanish
Contemporáneo, coetáneo
Term swedish
Samtida band
Definition swedish
Bokband utfört samtidigt med, eller nära i tiden efter, bokens tryckning.
Term german
Definition german
Als zeitgenössisch bezeichnet man einen Einband, der zu jener Zeit hergestellt wurde, als das Buch auf den Markt kam. Dabei handelt es sich nicht zwangsläufig um den Originaleinband, da früher viele Bücher nur in Interimsumschlägen (oder in losen Bögen) ausgeliefert wurden und der Besitzer sie sich nach eigenem Geschmack binden ließ.
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