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John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors. 7th edition. With Corrections, Additions and an Introduction by Nicolas Barker. Oak Knoll Press 1995
Term english
Presentation copy
Definition english
Presentation Copy in the ABC for Book Collectors: "When used without qualification, this may always be taken to mean that the book was the gift of the author. But only a book spontaneously presented properly qualifies for the description; one merely signed in response to an owner’s request is called an inscribed copy. It is useful to consider the various ways in which such gifts have been bestowed; for any one of them would be considered by a cataloguer to justify the description presentation copy, yet they arouse widely differing degrees of enthusiasm in the discriminating collector. The pre-eminent quality in any presentation copy will always be that of its association – the interest or importance of the recipient, his connexion with the author or other such special recommendation. This will override most of the niceties distinguishable in the method of presentation; but, assuming the interest of association to be constant, these may be roughly graded as follows: (1) With a signed presentation inscription in the author’s hand to a named recipient; dated before, on or near publication. (2) Ditto; but undated or dated considerably later than publication. (3) With the recipient’s name, but having from the author or with the author’s compliments instead of signature. (4) Without autograph inscription, but showing evidence of having been sent by the author or on his instructions by the publisher. In 18th or early 19th century books the latter’s clerk would write or stamp in some such phrase as those italicised in (3) above; in more modern books a printed or typed slip would be loosely inserted. (5) With a note in the hand of the recipient stating that the book was the gift of the author. (6) With a later note making a similar statement at second-hand, from family tradition or the like. There are further subdivisions; and preference between (4) and (5) will be a matter of taste."
Term french
Definition french
Hommage d’un auteur à une personne : par un texte imprimé en début de volume (Molière, par exemple, faisait précéder ses comédies d’une dédicace au Roi) ou par une inscription manuscrite. Dans le premier cas, l’ouvrage est dédié à... ; dans le second cas, il est dédicacé à... Le dédicataire est la personne à qui un livre est dédié.
Term swedish
Definition swedish
Bok eller annan tryckt skrift där författaren skrivit en tillägnan. En längre dedikation från en intressant person till en annan kan ofta höja värdet på en bok. Dedikationen Till Stickan från Stieg Trenter, julen -54 är närmast att betrakta som en s.k. reklamsignatur.
Term german
Definition german
Widmungsexemplare sind Bücher mit einer handschriftlichen persönlichen Widmung des Autors. Bei jüngerer belletristischer Literatur gibt es sie in viel­fältiger Form. Im strengen Sinn sind damit Exemplare gemeint, die vom Autor überreicht wurden und einen entsprechenden Eintrag aufweisen. Bei wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten ist es üblich, sich mit solchen Freiexemplaren bei Fachkollegen und Vorgesetzten zu bedanken oder sich damit vorzustellen. Hierfür findet man häufig die Bezeichnung Dedikationsexemplar. Oft wurden Widmungsexemplare als Vorabexemplare an einflussreiche Persönlichkeiten versandt, um bei Erscheinen des Werkes eine Empfehlung oder wohlwollende Kritik vorlegen zu können.
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