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What bookdealers really mean. A dictionary by Tom Congalton and Dan Gregory (Between the Covers), with additions from other sources
Term english
Topedge and Top Edge Gilt
Definition english
The flat surface that is created at the top of the textblock by the accumulated edges of the pages of a book. Sometimes called the "top edge," the space denoting a pause, during which the bookseller struggled for the term. If the binder has trimmed and gilded the top of the text block, this is refered to as "top edge gilt" or simply "t.e.g."
Term french
Tête dorée
Term danish
Oversnit forgyldt
Term dutch
Vergulde kop(snede)
Term italian
Taglio superiore dorato
Term spanish
Cabecera dorada
Term swedish
Översnitt förgylld
Term german
Definition german
Der Schnitt an der oberen Kante des Buchblocks. Dieser wird vielfach gefärbt (Farbschnitt) oder bei wertvolleren Büchern als (Kopf-) Goldschnitt angelegt.
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