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What bookdealers really mean. A dictionary by Tom Congalton and Dan Gregory (Between the Covers), with additions from other sources
Term english
Definition english
An open-ended box, usually made of cardboard, but sometimes covered with cloth, into which a book is slid in order to protect it. These are sometimes supplied by the publisher with the book, most often in the case of expensive limited editions such as the limited edition of Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, for which each slipcase was numbered on an applied printed to label to match the book. Sometimes slipcases are ordered by collectors to be custom made for a specific book. If a book was published with a slipcase, and it is missing, it has a negative effect on the value of that copy.
Term french
Term danish
Term dutch
Schuifdoos, huls
Term italian
Custodia, astuccio
Term spanish
Tapas y lomo de una encuadernación
Term swedish
Definition swedish
Special gjort skyddsfodral eller skyddsbox för böcker.
Term german
Definition german
Schuber heißt der Schutzkarton (Buchfutteral) für das Buch, in den es hineingeschoben wird, so dass nur der Rücken sichtbar bleibt. Zuweilen ist er mit einem Deckel versehen, der den Buchrücken schützt. In seiner bibliophilen Ausstattung ist der Schuber mit Buntpapier oder Leinen bezogen und kann innen mit weichem Leder oder Flanell gefüttert sein. Gelegentlich sind die Kanten mit Leder bezogen.
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