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John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors. 7th edition. With Corrections, Additions and an Introduction by Nicolas Barker. Oak Knoll Press 1995
Term english
Definition english
"First proofs of a book (see also galleys) are provided by the printer for the author’s correction and the publisher’s scrutiny. Revised proofs are the intermediate stage either to final proofs or, if these are dispensed with, to the finished book. The author’s set (or sets) of proofs are apt to carry marginal corrections, additions, etc., in his own hand, varying from a few words to rewritten paragraphs. The printer’s reader reviewed the first printed sheets. Of the revised or the final proofs (usually stitched and wrappered), the publisher used commonly to order a quite large number, for use in the office and in the promotion of the book; their place is now taken by printed and gathered sheets similarly wrappered. Whereas the bibliographical distinction between wrappered final proofs and advance copies is significant, the physical differences are often slight, or non-existent." (John Carter)
Term french
Definition french
Premières versions d'un texte imprimé soumises à l'auteur ou à l'éditeur pour corrections. Les exemplaires d'épreuves très corrigées, par Balzac ou Proust par exemple, peuvent être considérés comme des manuscrits.
Term german
Definition german
"Die ersten auf einer Handpresse hergestellten Abzüge von Holzschnitten, Kupferstichen, Radierungen, Lithographien usw., die dem Künstler das Überprüfen seiner Arbeit ermöglichen. Sie dienen als maßgebliche Vorlage für die spätere Druckausführung. Vielfach werden Probeabzüge auch synonym als Andrucke oder Korrekturabzüge bezeichnet." (Hiller)
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