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John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors. 7th edition. With Corrections, Additions and an Introduction by Nicolas Barker. Oak Knoll Press 1995
Term english
Definition english
"A binder’s term (from the Frenchlace) meaning a border with a lacy pattern on the inner edge, usually gilt. Dentelle decoration was used, especially in France and in the 18th century, on the outside of the covers; since then, apart from the elegant late 19th-century pastiches of the style, it has been more often used, in a somewhat emasculated form, on the inside – usually described as inside dentelles." (John Carter)
Term french
Definition french
Souvent, les plats intérieurs sont ornés de dessins poussés sur or et à froid sur le pourtour des gardes: la grande finesse, le genre et l'aspect de ces dessins, leur ont valu le nom de dentelles.
Term danish
Term dutch
Verguld randwerk, dentelle
Term italian
Term spanish
Decorado en forma de encaje
Term swedish
Definition swedish
I antikvariatsammanhang används beteckningen dentelle vanligen om en dekorativ bård på bokbandet. Uttrycket inre denteller används om en sådan bård längs ytterkanterna av en bokpärms insida.
Term german
Definition german
Spitzenmusterstil: "Ein Schmuck des Bucheinbandes, der den leicht beschwingten Rokoko zu Anfang des 18. Jahrhunderts entsprungen ist. Das Spitzenmuster (fers à la dentelle) wurde hauptsächlich auf roten Maroquineinbänden angewandt." (Hiller)
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