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Why E-Books Look So Ugly

Why E-Books Look So Ugly - Snippets from an article in WIRED about e-book design and the beauty of "the book".
Published on 17 Dec. 2009

Priya Ganapati

“As books make the leap from cellulose and ink to electronic pages, some editors worry that too much is being lost in translation. Typography, layout, illustrations and carefully thought-out covers are all being reduced to a uniform, black-on-gray template that looks the same whether you’re reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or the Federalist Papers.”

“After spending a weekend with the Sony e-book reader, I found that the convenience of having so many books in a single, lightweight, slim device had me hooked, and its screen offers nearly print-like readability. But after about four hours of flipping through blocks of grey text I found myself feeling strangely melancholic. It couldn’t have been the lack of sunshine. Moving from one book to another, while easy, didn’t help: I was still staring at the same font, the same gray background and the same basic layout.”

Why E-Books Look So Ugly - In an article for the WIRED magazine Priya Ganapati misses “the book” that is so much more than “a text”. Read the full article on

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