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Russian Guild of Antiquarian Booksellers

Velozavodskaya st., 11/1 - 156
11 52 80 Moscow
Russian Federation

The Association of Russian Antiquarian Booksellers was founded in 2008. After its reorganization in 2012, it was renamed the “Guild of Antiquarian Booksellers” (Guildia Antikvarov-Knizhnikov, GAK). The GAK has seven founding members, including both large universal bookstores that sell new and antiquarian books and specialized companies that sell only antiquarian books. The GAK is the only organization of professional antiquarian booksellers in Russia. It was founded with the aim of fostering interest in rare books and related items, developing relations with the international antiquarian book trade and maintaining high ethical and professional standards in the Russian antiquarian book trade.

Membership is open to professional antiquarian booksellers of good character and reputation who have been engaged in the antiquarian book trade for at least three years. All GAK members adhere to the ILAB Сode of Ethics which guarantees buyers that all items offered for sale are accurately described.


Olga Tarakanova (Olga Tarakanova, Professor and Head of the Department of Book History and Antiquarian Book Trade in the Moscow State University of Printing Arts) 


Ekaterina Kukhto (Proprietor of Biblionne, Moscow)

Sergey Burmistrov (Director of House of Antiquarian Books in Nikitsky)


Tatyana Panarina (Associate Professor of the Department of Book History and Antiquarian Book trade in the Moscow State University of Printing Arts) 

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