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What bookdealers really mean. A dictionary by Tom Congalton and Dan Gregory (Between the Covers), with additions from other sources
Term english
Definition english
Often abbreviated as 12mo. This doesn't mean "a dozen more," but in the book world describes a small book (a little smaller than a mass market paperback), whose printed paper sheets were folded in such a fashion as to make twelve leaves (24 little pages) from one large sheet. And yes, it is sometimes pronounced "twelve-mo."
Term french
in 12
Definition french
L'in-douze a la feuille de papier pliée en 12 et contient 24 pages.
Term german
Definition german
Formatbezeichnung, auch 12° oder 12 mo geschrieben. Die Bezeichnung rührt daher, dass der Druckbogen zu zwölf Blättern gefaltet wird, wobei ein sehr kleines Format entsteht.
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