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Degas, Miss La La, and the Cirque Fernando

decoration15 Jan. 2013|12 Mai 2013
In January 1879, Edgar Degas attended performances at the Cirque Fernando by one of the most famous circus performers of his time: Miss La La. Every evening the exceptional artist was hoisted 70 feet into the circus's roof, suspended solely from a rope clenched between her teeth.

Degas, fascinated by the performance, produced a number of pastels and an oil sketch - before of the artist and the circus and then created his celebrated painting "Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando".

This exhibition at The Morgan Library & Museum presents for the first time Degas's remarkable painting, on loan from the National Gallery, London, and nearly all of the related preparatory works along with images by his contemporaries and photographs and posters of the Cirque Fernando amd Miss La La.


Degas, Miss La La, and the Cirque Fernando. By Linda Wolk-Simon. Contributions by Nancy Ireson and Eveline Baseggio Omiccioli 2013. 98 pages. Color illustrations. Softcover.

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15 Jan. 2013|12 Mai 2013
225 Madison Avenue
New York
The Morgan Library & Museum
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