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Online: Great War Dust Jackets - NYPL Digital Gallery - Classic Crime Fiction - Hogarth Press Illustrated Dust Jackets - Modern Library Dust Jackets and Bindings: 1917-1939 - The ModernLib ML Database - Books for Girls - Vietnam War Literature Dust Jackets - The Robert Weinberg Collection
Publié le 18 Déc. 2009

Great War Dust Jackets

Dust jackets of major works relating to the war that were produced between 1914 and 1939: 1400 titles by 750 authors.

NYPL Digital Gallery

Dust Jackets from American and European Books, 1926-1947. More than 2000 jackets. You can either search the database or look at the gallery.

Classic Crime Fiction

Dust Jackets in Crime Fiction – a list of the (often forgotten) artists and illustrators.

Hogarth Press Illustrated Dust Jackets

The Victory University Library Collection: An important aspect is the Virginia Woolf material which includes every significant edition and issue of her work, signed copies, limited editions, and special items as well as many translations into other languages. Furthermore: dust jackets designed by Vanessa Bell, works by Duncan Grant, Dora Carrington, Roger Fry, Quentin Bell and others.

Modern Library Dust Jackets and Bindings: 1917-1939

The Modern Library Series, established by Boni and Liveright (New York) in 1917, highlighted 'modern' (mostly European) authors, in comparison to Everyman's Library, which emphasized 'classic' authors. Later the series became the cornerstone of Random House publishers.

The ModernLib ML Database

Images and information about individual Modern Library titles, published from 1917 to 1970 and largely unavailable. An addition to Henry Toledano's Modern Library Price Guide 1917 – 2000, which is despite of its misleading title no price guide but a good and nearly complete reference for the Modern Library.

Books for Girls

Books for girls: The Betty Gordon Series, The Blythe Girls Series, Beverly Gray Mystery Stories, Penny Parker, Ruth Fielding, Trixi Belden, Vicke Barr, Mary Lou, Peggy Lane and all the female heroes in girls’ literature – facts about the series, content outlines of the books and images.

Vietnam War Literature Dust Jackets 1931 - 1987

Collection of the University of Delaware Library: 530 titles published between 1950 and 1989, including fiction, poetry, plays, personal narratives, biographies, and journalism. Most are American and British publications, but there are also Asian printings. The designs of the covers reflect the cultural diversity of the time. Some of them utilize the pop art style of the 60s.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror – The Robert Weinberg Collection

From “Frankenstein” to Ray Cummings “Brigands of the Moon” - Rare science fiction and fantasy books: Over 4,500 rare science fiction, fantasy and horror books. Included in the Robert Weinberg collection are complete sets the Arkham House books, all the scarce Ballantine hardcovers from the 1950's, all of the signed Fantasy Press books, among many others. Nearly 1,800 of those books are signed or inscribed to Robert Weinberg. Besides there are 1930's and 1940's horror and fantasy books in dust jackets, science fiction and fantasy paperbacks (especially early ones from England, Canada and Australia).

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