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Renaissance Faces. Masterpieces of Italian Portraiture

decoration19 Dec. 2011|18 March 2012
The Staatliche Museen, Berlin, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, are organizing a spectacular exhibition on the art of portraiture in Renaissance Italy. Beautiful women and wealthy merchants carry us away to Florence and Venice. Schemers, courtiers, and military commanders tell their stories. Great museums will be sending masterworks from Donatello to Leonardo da Vinci to the Bode-Museum. 

The show will focus on the complex history of the portrait in Florence from Donatello and Masaccio down to Verrocchio and Botticelli; it will study portraiture at the courts of northern Italy, from Pisanello to Mantegna and Francesco Laurana as well as the development of portraiture in Venice from Giambono to Antonello da Messina, Bellini and the Lombardi.Scholarship has vastly increased our sensitivity to the social and cultural factors that informed and shaped the formal types and typological norms of Renaissance portraiture. But precisely because these factors varied from region to region and in point of time, the exhibition avoids imposing typological categories on what seems to be a fascinatingly rich exchange of ideas.


Gesichter der Renaissance. Meisterwerke italienischer Portrait-Kunst. Ca. 408 pp., 190 coloured illustrations. Hardcover.

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19 Dec. 2011|18 March 2012
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York
14 €
Bode-Museum (Berlin) & Metropolitan Museum (New York)
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