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National Book Auctions - Books, Art and Ephemera

decoration16 Feb. 2014
Featuring rare and decorative books as well as select additions of art, ephemera and collectibles.  Highlighted is another session from the estate of Norman Kane, including several single-author collections. Additionally, this auction includes an array of modern first editions as well as select offerings of prints and artwork such as an original oil-on-canvas painting by Charles Wilson Knapp.  Among the earliest examples are the first authorized collected edition of works of Goethe, published in four volumes over the years 1787 to 1791, the 1760 printing of Johnson’s “Dictionary of the English Language,” published in two volumes, and Rollin’s “Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians….,” published in seven volumes in 1768 with fold-out plates and maps.  Other scarce titles include 34 volumes of “Bentley's Miscellany” printed from 1837 to 1854 with important content such as first issues by Charles Dickens (“Oliver Twist”) and Edgar Allen Poe along with Cruikshank plates; Mitchell atlases from the 1850’s; and the 24-volume “Complete Psychological Works Of Sigmund Freud,” in excellent condition with the original dust jackets.  Other antique and collectible titles relate to the history of India, architecture, music, art history, antique automotive, philosophy and other scholarly studies.


16 Feb. 2014
1429 Danby Road (Route 96B)
Ithaca, NY
National Book Auctions
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