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Montefiascone Summer Course - The Rylands Fontainebleau Aldine

decoration10 Aug. 2015|14 Aug. 2015
The publishing legacy of the Aldine press includes scholarly editions of classical authors, the introduction of italic type, and the development of books in small formats that were read much like modern paperbacks. The smaller pocket books may have been less expensive, but they could still be made luxurious with decoration added by hand and bindings embellished with gold. They quickly became popular and were collected throughout Europe by scholars, aristocrats and kings. Special copies were also produced, printed on parchment instead of paper. The course will focus on a copy of an edition of the Greek poet Oppian, published in 1517, bound by the Royal Binder for Henri II King of France and part of the Royal Library at Fontainebleau. Bound in full leather in the allaGreca style, a wooden boarded, Western /Greek style binding with claps and bosses, with gold finishing and hand painting, it is a complex book that would ordinarily take many weeks and a high level of binding skill to complete. Tutors: Caroline Checkley-Scott, Stefania Signorello and Julianne Simpson

Montefiascone is a small medieval walled city about 100 k (80 miles) north of Rome, on Lake Bolsena. Since 1988 conservators and others interested in books and their history have come together to work, to learn and to enjoy this special place.


10 Aug. 2015|14 Aug. 2015
445 GPB
Barbarigo Library
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