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Handschriften aus Bibliothek und Skriptorium des Klosters Michaelsberg - Eine Sonderausstellung der Staatsbibliothek Bamberg im Rahmen des Jubiläums 1000 Jahre Kloster Michaelsberg

decoration26 June 2015|02 Oct. 2015

Bamberg State Library in Southern Germany has been called one of the "great libraries" by the great bibliophile Anthony Hobson. The nucleus of the Bamberg collection traces back to Henry II, who founded the bishopric of Bamberg in 1007, and further back to the foundation of the Monastery of Michaelsberg in 1015. Among the Emperor's gifts to the library of the monastery were precious manuscripts, which he and his predecessors had collected or commissioned. Many books were copied and illuminated in Bamberg, notably during the 12th century by the Benedictine monks of Mount St. Michael. And Bamberg was also the first place where printed books in the German language were illustrated with woodcuts. Although only fragments of this very first period of printing in Bamberg can be found in the library, the impressive collection of 3,500 incunabula documents the Golden Age of letter printing in Bamberg.

To celebrate the millennium of the Monastery of Michaelsberg the Bamberg State Library shows some of its most precious manuscripts and books in an amazing exhibition from June to October 2015. Among the highlights are two of the oldest illuminated manuscripts from the 10th and 11th century which are kept in Bamberg along with codices, liturgical and biblical works and manuscripts documenting the typical “Bamberger Schreiberbild”.

>>> Click here for more information about the exhibitions and events celebrating the millennium of the Monastery of Michaelsberg in Bamberg.


26 June 2015|02 Oct. 2015
Neue Residenz
Domplatz 8
Bamberg State Library
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