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A biblioteca do Embaixador: os livros de D. García de Silva y Figueroa (1614-1624)

decoration08 Oct. 2014|24 Jan. 2015

Don García de Silva y Figueroa (1550-1624) was a Spanish diplomat, and the first Western traveller to correctly identify the ruins of Takht-e Jamshid in Persia as the location of Persepolis. During his mission in Persia from 1612 to 1624 he dealt with various diplomatic issues and travelled extensively throughout Persia, visiting the cities of Shiraz, Qom and Isfahan.

He saw the ruins of Persepolis, and described its splendours in a vivid letter to Alfonso de la Cueva which was translated into Latin and English and spread all over Europe. He also wrote a full account of his travels titled "Totius legationis suae et Indicarum rerum Persidisque commentarii". The original manuscript is preserved in the National Library in Madrid, and was published completely for the first time in 1903.

(Picture: National Library of Portugal)


08 Oct. 2014|24 Jan. 2015
Campo Grande, 83
National Library of Portugal
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