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36th International IMCoS Symposium 2018

decoration14 Oct. 2018|20 Oct. 2018

The 36th International IMCoS Symposium 2018 – Manila which opens on Sunday 14 October and continues until Wednesday 17 October, is organized and curated by the GALLERY OF PRINTS through Rudolf J. H. Lietz, IMCoS Representative Philippines, and presented by Ayala Museum and GALLERY OF PRINTS, supported by IMCoS (International Map Collectors’ Society), London, and PHIMCOS (Philippine Map Collectors Society), Manila.


The theme, INSULAE INDIAE ORIENTALIS, includes a morning series of lectures in the Ayala Museum by renowned local and international speakers themed around historical issues and unexplored accounts reflected in antique maps and prints concerning the Philippine Archipelago and beyond.


The lectures are followed by afternoon excursions to the Ortigas Foundation, Lopez Museum and UST Heritage Library featuring rare maps and book collections, normally kept in storage and not open to the public, but will be opened to Symposium participants for this occasion.


In a special exhibition in the Ayala Museum, many of the original antique maps, prints and books presented in the 11 Symposium lectures will be shown and documented in a full-colour extensive catalogue.  The  “Mother of all Philippine maps” by Fr. Murillo Velarde will be shown in more than one example  in the “Murillo Room” – a first in modern times, probably in more than 200 years – together with other later editions and variants by other cartographers and publishers.


14 Oct. 2018|20 Oct. 2018
Ayala Museum, Makati City
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