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Online Reference Works for the Rare Book Trade

The ILAB website offers broad information to scholars, bibliophiles and dealers. Listed below are some of the many reference works, and a link to a number of glossaries that are available on the internet.
Published on 19 March 2012
ILAB LIbrary

Some of the standard works in antiquarian bookselling are

John Carter's "ABC for Book Collectors"

Anne Lamort's "La Bibliophilie"

as well as the well-known ILAB publications by Edgar Franco and Bernard M. Rosenthal

and Paul Kainbacher's "Africa Bibliography"


The glossaries below explain the terms commonly used in antiquarian bookselling in English, German, French and Swedish.
Tom Congalton, Michael Trenkle, Sigbjörn Ryö and the Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne (SLAM) have kindly given permission to use their dictionaries that are originally published as follows:

Tom Congalton, What Book Dealers Really Mean. An illustrated glossary (ABAA)

Michael Trenkle, Fachbegriffe im Antiquariat. Ein Glossar (VDA)

Lexique du livre anciens. Par Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne (SLAM)

ABC för boksamlare. Sammanställt av M. Palm. Redigerat av Georg Lose och Sigbjörn Ryö (SVAF)

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