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Published on 10 Jan. 2013

How To Include Your Books In The ILAB Metasearch


If you have books for sale on any of the following 10 sites they will be automatically included in the ILAB metasearch.

- - Abebooks. (.com, .de, .fr, .it  and (You must first tell them that you want to be included)-   -*- ZVAB/Choosebooks

In most cases you will not need to do anything to be included from these sites. If books listed on any of these sites are not appearing in our metasearch results you may need to contact the listing site to be sure that they know you are an ILAB member and want your books included in their ILAB data feed. We cannot do this for you.

If you have books listed with any of these sites and do not want them included in the metasearch please let us know and we will have them removed. You should send your opt-out notification to Jim Hinck,


If you currently have books listed with one or more of the following commercial sites they will only be included after you send an email to Jim Hinck - - and ask him to do so:

- Bibliophile Bookbase- Bibliopoly- Uniliber*- Booksandcollectibles*


Your books may listed as being available from multiple sites, but only with certain restrictions:

1. The description for a single book must appear only once in our results. If there are multiple sources for the same book they will appear as separate links below the description. For us to do this, however, the dealer inventory numbers for each listing must be identical. Sites marked with an asterisk (*) do not supply us with inventory numbers for all dealers and if one of these sites is selected additional sites may need be excluded. Also, if you supply different inventory numbers to different sites then you should restrict your choice to only a single site, or to a group of sites which all display the same inventory number.

2. All copies of the same book must also have the same price. If you list the same books at different prices with different commercial sites then you must limit your selection to sources which will have the same prices for the same books. If we notice that you have books listed at multiple sites with different prices then we will remove, for you, the listings that have the highest prices. You may, however, choose to list your books from whichever sites you prefer. Contact Jim Hinck - - to tell us which sites you want retained or removed.

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