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Justin G. Schiller

Published on 07 June 2012

“One of the leading experts and driving forces of children’s literature”

Michael Ginsberg

Justin G. Schiller Ltd. is the oldest specialist firm in the USA focusing on collectible children's books, original related art and manuscripts. The company had begun in 1960 as a proprietorship, joined the ABAA and ILAB in February 1967, and incorporated in 1969.  Justin Schiller focuses on the development of juvenile literature world-wide and its related educational movements and progress through all time periods, but he also extends into other subjects of overlapping interest — often the unusual rather than what may be expected. Since 1970  he has been featuring original drawings by the artist Maurice Sendak and since 1996 he has also been specializing in vintage Chinese Propaganda Art during the reign of Mao Zedong (1949-1976).  Special catalogues are issued on an infrequent basis.

>>> Justin G. Schiller Ltd. 

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