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Eugene Vigil

Published on 12 Sept. 2012

Antiquariat Botanicum was started in 1987, with initial focus on botanical, horticultural and gardening literature. Subsequently, the firm expanded into rare books from incunabula of the 15th century to signifciant scientific studies of the 20th century. The later offerings reflect Eugene Vigil's own knowledge, interest and scholarship in botany, cell biology, and the history of biomedical science. Upon entering the ABAA and ILAB, Antiquariat Botanicum became more international in offering continental books, ephemera and manuscripts covering most branches of science, including astronomy, botany, herbals, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, and travel and plant exploration.

Current stock includes scholarly works that contributed to significant advances in the history of science and medicine, particularly the classification, distribution and uses of plants for food, gardens, and health. Further advances in plant research made by Darwin as part of his exploration and writings on evolution and Mendel in his genetic investigations on peas are corner stones for literature offered by Antiquariat Botanicum on a range of titles from evolution and genetics to the birth of molecular biology. With advances in printing techniques and illustration of animals and plants to complement textual descriptions, there appeared numerous books with fine engravings that were occasionally hand colored by contemporay artists.

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