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Online: Lost Race Checklist - Discoverers Web
Published on 08 Jan. 2010

Lost Race Checklist

“A Lost Race is one that is discovered in some region of the Earth at a point in time after they (or their high culture) was believed to be extinct (hence the discovery in medieval times of a lingering Bronze Age culture would be included; or discovery in the future of ancient Atlanteans would be included). A Lost Race is also an evolved or devolved race of humans; a hidden alternate form of humanity, including those that have become hybridized with animals & possess a unique culture (but excluding Dr. Moreau type single-generation scientific creations). Included are previously unknown races, advanced or primitive, having any element beyond the strictly rational. A grey area is thoroughly nonfantastic aboriginal peoples encountered by Victorian explorers for whom such encounters were a very real commonplace. Only where imaginary elements intrude sufficiently are these included.”

Discoverers Web

Everything about discoveries, explorations and travels: biographies and link pages on explorers, voyages, a list of explorers who died during their voyages ... from ancient times to the Middle Ages to the Age of Discovery (North and South America, Asia, Africa, Pacific, Australia, Polar Regions) and Non-Western Explorers.

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