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Salone della Cultura, Milan

decoration05 Juin 2021|06 Juin 2021

Due to COVID19, the Italian Antiquarian Booksellers' Association has decided to postpone the fair, which traditionally takes place in January, to June 2021. 

"Italy’s largest bookstore"

Salone della Cultura was born with the objective and the aim of involving and bringing together the various books’ communities of readers and collectors.

The innovative formula, now at its fourth edition, represents a formidable moment for all books’ lovers, and passionate of culture, reading, of exhibitions, lectures, debates, presentations and meetings.

Salone della Cultura unites all the professionals of the book world, being open to all artistic expressions. Whether they are represented by artist-books, by writing, from photography to sculptures, by pop up books, old books, bestsellers, specialized publishers, second-hand booksellers and antique dealers with their exceptional and unique copies.

Two days on the third weekend of January dedicated to the pure pleasure of wandering through Italy’s largest bookstore (over 500,000 books will be displayed), to visit inside of it exhibitions, attending workshops organized by true arts “Maestri”, have the chance to listen to lectures. And appreciate how it’s still possible today to speak about culture and how to.

We believe that with our little effort, we can contribute to build a more interesting tomorrow for the cultural sector.


Antiquarian Booksellers ALAI / ILAB

The presence of Antiquarian Booksellers from Associazione Librai Antiquari d’Italia / International League of Antiquarian Bookseller at Salone della Cultura represents the greatest meeting point for italian antiquarian booksellers, for the presence of exhibitors and the number of collectors coming.

Visitors can wander from one stand to another, seeing and enjoying the rarities of antique dealers, some famous ones, but all chosen in a refined way and always extremely interesting. Very important it’s the presence of exhibitors with prints, antique papers, artist books, children’s books and above all, for all budgets, from the little to the large collectors.


Exhibitions and Workshops

Salone della Cultura has dedicated a particular attention to exhibitions since its very first year. Our aim has always been to present important exhibitions ranging from photography to sculpture to art prints to thematic exhibitions of great cultural and social relevance.

Over the years we have organized exhibitions that would not disfigure in large museums such as the one of Fondazione 3M dedicated to Elio Luxardo and then Ghitta Carell, the exhibition of the great graphic designer Giancarlo Iliprandi, the one of the great artist Emilio Isgrò as well as the one of the photographer Folco Quilici.

Exhibitions are for everyone and everybody can appreciate and visit them while resting from book researches. Workshops have always been run by great “Maestri” and experts, such as the popup workshop organized by Master Dario Cestaro or the goldsmith’s one run by the Galdus Professional School.


Conferences and Presentations

Salone della Cultura over the past editions has added to the classic presentations of the publishers’ books, meetings with characters loved by the public: from actors Ale and Franz to doctor Franco Berrino, from the art publisher Franco Maria Ricci to a myriad of characters who have populated and revived the days of the event. We have always paid great attention to those who care about initiatives towards the public in order to be able to bring the reader closer to his favourite writer or character.



Superstudio Più it’s one of the most iconic locations of design in Milan. It’s the most visited and coveted spot of the Tortona District since early 2000. It has been one of the pioneers of the Design Week FuoriSalone. It is a modern, polyfunctional and versatile multi-location, a huge space opened to Milan’s ventures and to important international events. It was created to meet the needs of the most vital operators and creative people working in the overlapping fields of fashion, art, design, communication, culture and entertainment.



05 Juin 2021|06 Juin 2021
Via Tortona, 27 - 20144
Saturday from 10 am to 7.30 pm
Sunday from 10 am to 7.30 pm
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