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Australian rare booksellers unite to publish first joint catalogue

For the first time in its 43 year history, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB) have united to publish a joint catalogue containing nearly $1,000,000 of rare books, manuscripts and artworks for sale.
Publié le 09 Juil. 2020
ANZAAB Highlights Catalogue 2020 Cover

Usually in July, the rare bookshops and their customers would gather together at the University of Melbourne to celebrate their love of books at the Melbourne Rare Book Fair. Due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, this cannot take place in 2020.

ANZAAB booksellers have published their first joint catalogue online, to be launched on Thursday, 9 July at 10am on their website


This catalogue, a combined effort of 26 business located across Australia and even expatriates in New York, includes exceptional books, manuscripts and artworks, many being presented for sale for the first time.

Douglas Stewart, President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB) writes: 

Dear friends, 

This is the year our world changed, and what we took for granted is no longer there. In July we usually gather in Melbourne for our annual Rare Book Fair. 

Of course, like so many other things, it will not be this year. The Rare Book Fair doesn’t exist without the collectors, librarians and booksellers who visit from near and far and fill the room. And of course the books and artworks, and our shared love for them. These things have not changed. Collectors keep collecting and booksellers keep selling. Books keep moving from shelf to shelf. It just happens a little differently now. 

This catalogue is a showcase of the exceptional books and documents which ANZAAB members would have shown you personally at the book fair this year. It includes the rarest pieces of history, the arts, literature and exploration, from provincial Australiana to international icons of the art of the book. This catalogue truly highlights the rich diversity of ANZAAB’s booksellers, from familiar titles which are well known, to exotic and wondrous books, titles it is hard to believe are to be found in bookshops across Australia. A rich array of pictorial material compliments the literary offerings, with ephemera, artworks, prints and maps illustrating so many topics that collectors engage with. 

The books in this catalogue reflect the different styles of each bookseller, with each contributor formatting their own pages which our Honorary Secretary Dawn Albinger has compiled for us. We are grateful for Dawn creating this for us, and the contributions of the members within. 

This catalogue celebrates ANZAAB, and does a little more than that also. All these books and treasures are presented for sale, and can be purchased by you for your collection. This is an opportunity to buy something very special, just as you would have at the Melbourne Rare Book Fair this year. Keep in mind that these are our highlights, and booksellers have plenty of other material to stimulate your interests, so please connect with us booksellers to see what else we can share with you. 

This is the year our world changed, but our love for books has not. Enjoy reading the catalogue, learn about something new, and hopefully find something special for your collection. 

Douglas Stewart 


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