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Glorious Bookishness - Learning Anew in the Material World

A Ted Talk by Prof. Michael F. Suarez, S.J. of Rare Book School Virginia
Publié le 10 Avril 2018

In his talk, Director of Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, Professor Michael F. Suarez, S.J. teaches us how and why we should judge a book by its cover. This talk was given at a TEDx event in Charlottesville (US) using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

"Glorious Bookishness: Learning Anew in the Material World" makes a case as to why we want to put the physical book at the center of the study of history and literature, and sees the antiquarian book as a compelling invitation to wonder and learning:

Prof. Suarez starts the talk by describing his personal "moments of wonder" as an 8yr old boy, collecting frogs, daydreaming in his father's car, ...

"... Many years later, I was sitting in a class where we were reading 17th & 18th century poetry. ... yeah... and I put up my hand and I said to the prof: 'But how did this stuff get published? What was it like for the people who read it? How did they buy in? What was going on?' And he said 'Michael, come and see!' And he took me into his office, he said to me: 'What do you know?' And I said: 'What do you mean? I don't know anything!' And he said: 'Excellent! That's a great place to start!"

Nothing should hold us back to explore the world of rare and antiquarian books and experience that "wonder". Not age, not our academic background.
A powerful message which ILAB booksellers will only support. 


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