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POP UP in Groningen

Publié le 22 Mars 2016

Folkingestraat - Groningen, Netherlands

Antiquarian Booksellers Create a Unique ILAB Pop Up Book Street


It was a big success in 2015, and they have decided to do it again on 23 April 2016: Antiquariaat Isis is the only ILAB bookseller in Groningen, Netherlands, but instead of thinking "there is only one of us and nothing can be done", Lyseth Belt and Theo Butterhof of Antiquariaat Isis, with the support of their local community, will organize the second edition of a rather special ILAB Pop Up celebration of UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. Before the Second World War Groningen’s Folkingestraat with the beautiful Synagogue was the heart of the Jewish community. Today it is a lively and busy quarter, full of small and independent shops, full of bookish and cultural events, a must go to for every visitor in the Netherlands. And on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2016 Folkingestraat will even be something unique: with the ILAB flag flying high above the street it will become the worldwide only ILAB Pop Up Book Street!     


Groningen, a city located in the north of The Netherlands, is in a region long famous for its scholars. Among the better known are Rudolphus Agricola, the founder of northern Humanism and Ubbo Emmius who founded Groningen University in 1614.  Continuing this scholarly tradition today the vibrant city of Groningen  is home to over 50,000 students.

In the old centre of Groningen is the former Jewish neighbourhood where you will find Folkingestraat. It is surely the most surprising shopping street in the Netherlands! This most attractive small street is lined with about fifty shops and is home to a beautiful synagogue.  In an inspiring example of working cooperatively Antiquariaat Isis, the only ILAB affiliate and member of the Dutch Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (NVvA) in this area, is organising a unique celebration of UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. For eight hours this special 23 April the synagogue and every business in the street, whether they sell books or not, will work together to promote books and literacy.

In every window along Folkingestraat the business owners will create displays which celebrate the diversity and importance of books. Their windows will tell the story of what books mean to them, feature their favourite books, show books about the products they sell. Many will be very old and illustrated books.

At the Halal butcher you will see, for example, books from the 18th century about cattle. In the nearby toy shop there will be an exhibition of old children’s books. And what will you be able to admire at the jeweler on UNESCO Word Book and Copyright Day 2016? Necklaces, rings and – books on jewelry.

Wandering along Folkingestraat on 23 April will be a treat for book lovers and an inspiration for those who have not had the opportunity to see such treasures before. On reaching the synagogue passers-by will be invited to see an exquisite exhibition of Jewish books documenting the history of Folkingestraat, of the Jewish people and an important part of the history and power of literacy. And finally, at the three bookstores on Folkingestraat - Antiquariaat Isis, Albert Hogeveen, De Wijde Wereld - the public will be invited to join the fight for literacy by donating to UNESCO’s Forest Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI).


The businesses of Folkingestraat want to shine a light on the problem of illiteracy, both globally and within their own community. It is easy to take literacy for granted when you have it. On 23 April 2016, Folkingestraat in Groningen will demonstrate how diverse and beautiful books are. The people of Folkingestraat believe that the power and beauty of the written word is something everyone is entitled to enjoy.

Be a part of their celebrations on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April 2016!






23 APRIL 2016!


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March 2016 – For immediate release. Pictures: ILAB, UNESCO, the Organizers, Folkingestraat.

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