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Michael Thompson

Publié le 07 Juin 2012

Michael R. Thompson Rare Books was founded in 1972 as a specialist in rare 15th to 21st century books, literature, history, Western philosophy, history of science, fine printing, and art. Michael Thompson came to bookselling after having been a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Texas. He moved to California in 1967 to work for the legendary rare book dealers, Zeitlin and Ver Brugge, and remained there for nearly six years. From an early date, he developed a specialty, catering to the needs of libraries, especially in the areas of special collections and rare books. In 1985, the business became a partnership, when Michael Thompson was joined by Kathleen D. Thompson and Carol Sandberg. Kathleen D. Thompson came to the firm after many years of working for Los Angeles rare booksellers, including Universal Books, Royer Art Books, and Zeitlin and Ver Brugge. Carol Sandberg's rich experience included eleven years working at Heritage Book Shop, the preeminent firm in Los Angeles for several decades. Prior to that, she earned a Master of Library Science degree at UCLA, with a specialty in rare books. Michael R. Thompson Rare Books is actively involved in several library organizations. Michael Thompson and Carol Sandberg are members of the California Rare Book School Advisory Committee, and of the Grolier Club, the oldest and most prominent American bibliophilic organization.

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