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Publié le 03 Mai 2011


The Charm of a Book ...

"... lies, besides in the text, in its publishing adventures, and in the changes of ownership that it has lived through the centuries. The curiosity in intensifying its study at times brings the antiquarian to notice some details that up to now had been ignored, leading him to some true bibliographic, historical and literary discoveries" 


Living With - And From - Books

"Croce really liked the 'excellent Pregliasco'": ILAB is proud to present the history of the Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco, seen through the catalogues published by three generations of antiquarian booksellers. By Umberto Pregliasco.

One Author, Three Travel Books?

Raymond Howgego, mountaineer, book collector and author, currently works on a bibliography of invented, imaginary and apocryphal voyages. Read an excerpt about the ficticious travels to Asia and Africa.

Collecting English Literary Manuscripts

"the similarity of my handwriting to that of the great Charles Dickens ... appeared to me to be so curious a coincidence, that I (who had, up to that moment, never seen Dicken's [sic] writing in my life) went purposely to South Kensington Museum where ... the shock was as great to me as to the discoverer of the likeness." Roy Davids knows everything about the fascination of collecting no books, just manuscripts.

The Book Art of Richard Minsky

Books "sheltering" democracy with barbed wire, a reliquary for the "Satanic Verses", Big Brother is watching you from a book cover ... A new book about the famous book artist: "The Book Art of Richard Minsky" shows the best of his works.

Next Stop London

After an amazing book fair weekend in Paris during the Salon International du Livre Ancien 2011, bibliophiles look forward to the 54th London International Antiquarian Book Fair. Zoë Wanamaker, Honorary President of Shakespeare's Globe and this year's Fair Patron, will open the fair on Thursday 9 June.

"Could you tell me what you're doing with all these books here?"

A library is a room full of shelves without cookies. Just books, no cookies, not even a glass of milk ... The Cookie Monster in the Library.


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Amazon's Special Offer: $23,698,655.93 for a Book about Flies

The story was posted by Michael Eisen on April 22, a CNN report by John D. Sutter followed on April 25. Exciting! Or not? "Welcome to the world of algorithmic book pricing", says Dan Gregory of Between the Covers.

The Real Thing: ILAB Booksellers' Catalogues

L'Arengario Studio Bibliografico

Italian Radical Literature

L'Arengario Studio Bibliografico

Pier Paolo Pasolini's Movies. Books, Photographs, Journals and Posters. A Complete Filmography 


Language: Alphabets, Communications, Dialect, Dictionnaries, Etymology, Forgeries, Grammar, Idiom, Inscriptions, Linguistics ...


Love & Licence including a Collection on Cicisbeismo

Antiquària Llibreria Farré

Islam and the Arabic world. Selection of Books on Literature, History, Art, Science, Geography

Gert Jan Bestebreurtje

Early Voyages & Slavery; Colonial & Maritime History


Catalogue 206 - All around the World

The Wayfarer's Bookshop

Important, Rare and Unusual Antiquarian Exploration, Travel and Voyage Books

Lella & Gianni Morra

One Hundred Japanese Books

Librairie d' Âpre-Vent

Antique and Rare Books on Natural History

Woodburn Books

Catalogue 411 Spring Miscellany

Between the Covers

Manuscripts & Archives #4


Cabinet de curiosités VII: frénétiques & sombres

View all catalogues ...

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