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Paris 2017

The Paris International Rare Book & Fine Art Fair - A Major Event in the World of Rare Books.
Publié le 16 Mars 2017

The Paris International Rare Book Fair will be held from 7 - 9 April 2017, this year in collaboration with the National Chamber of Experts (C.N.E.S.) and again under the high patronage of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for the public to visit two fairs "in one": the International Rare Book Fair (organised by SLAM, the French Antiquarian Booksellers Association), and the Fine Art Fair, presented by the National Chamber of Experts, C.N.E.S. on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Read an interview with Mme Genevieve Baume, President of the C.N.E.S. "Knowledge and Know-How is the true wealth" here

Since 1984, the Paris fair has attracted collectors from francophone countries and beyond. It is one of the largest public events in the world of bibliophilie; over 20,000 visitors follow the invitation of SLAM and its affiliated members each year to one of the most prestigious venues in Paris, the Grand Palais. 

"Découvrir les livres et les faire vivre, assurer la libre circulation des idées à travers le monde, faire connaitre ces pages écrites pour mieux protéger la connaissance et diffuser le savoir: tel est le rôle des libraires!"

"Discover books and bring them to life, ensure free distribution of ideas around the world, make those written pages known to protect knowledge, that's the role of booksellers!" (Syndicat National de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne - SLAM)

Over 150 "libraires" - booksellers from France but also Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Portugal, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria will exhibit in Paris. will exhibit in Paris. 
View a full listing and contact details of all EXHIBITORS here

Antiquarian books, rare and unique, manuscripts that have moved us, finest engravings that tell us their history and simply show the many facets of our written and printed world, the Paris Salon offers it.  


Besides the collaboration with the C.N.E.S., the fair has invited the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt as the 2017 Guest of Honour. 
Unique in France, the museum is dedicated to the transatlantic relationship and was founded by Anne Morgan, daughter of the American banker and collector Pierpont Morgan, as part of his participation of the reconstruction of the Picardie after WWI.

Amongst the museum’s collection are a Centre of Research and the museum’s library holding over eight thousand works and archives covering the historical and artistic relationship between France and the United States.

Henri Vignes, Président du Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne: “In answer to the current international situation, our guest of honour, the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt will present a retrospective of transatlantic relationships. At the moment of their reopening to the public and to mark the centenary of the intervention of the United States in WWI on the 6th April 1917, the museum’s collections will illustrate the endurance of the exceptional links that unite our two cultures. While our busy information age continues, these masterpieces in ink and paper are the sentinel of our collective memory.”

The Franco-American Library

With more than six thousand volumes, the Blérancourt museum library forms a unique resource covering Franco-American relations. The heart of the collection was built up by the first museum’s curator, André Girodie, and benefited from numerous donations from Anne Muray Vail.

The library offers a large range of works, old and new, whose thematic diversity reflects that of the museum: literary works, diplomatic works, military texts, first-hand accounts written by those who played a role in the two world wars as well as a large section on American art of the 19th and 20th centuries.

After extensive renovations including a major extension by the architects of Ateliers Yves Lion and a new layout by the Studio Adrien Gardère, the museum will open its doors again in 2017.

The new layout of the museum allows visitors to learn more about the links between the two nations, showing many historical documents, artworks and objects, as well videos that underline these relations between the 16th century and today. 

During the 2017 fair, the museum will exhibit rare French-American works, engravings illustrating the transatlantic relationships as well as the important role of American libraries in France after WWI.


For all practical information about the fair, please go here

or visit the English version of the Salon's website:

Organiser's Contact Details & Press: 

Anne-Marie Coulon
Syndicat national de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne
4 rue Gît-le-Coeur 75006 PARIS

T. +33 (0) 1 43 29 46 38
F. +33 (0) 1 43 25 41 63

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