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Optical Prints Exhibition

decoration09 Mars 2017
3D-Optical Prints Exhibition on Thursday March 9, from 19.30-20.30. 

The programm is as follows:
19.30 - 19.35 Welcome by Arine van der Lely - van der Steur
19.35 - 19.50 Introductory lecture in Dutch by catalogue compilator Sanne Hansler on the history of the Optical Prints.
19.50 - 20.15 Small 3D-Exhibition of the Optical Prints with modern zograscope lenses and illuminated optical prints.
20.15 - end Time to discuss and enjoy the Optical Prints paired with a glass of wine of our stallmate Wijn op Dronk.


09 Mars 2017
Balistraat 81B
The Hague
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