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Monastery, Emperors, Scholars - Kloster, Kaiser und Gelehrte

decoration15 Sept. 2015|30 Juin 2016

This exhibition explores the treasures and the history of the library and scriptorium of the Augustinian Monastery of Klosterneuburg. It focuses on the heyday of the library in the late Middle Ages, when there were close connections between Klosterneuburg, the Court in Vienna and Vienna University, founded in 1365.

On display will be outstanding rarities, for example:  

- Magnificent manuscripts, illuminated by the Masters of the Court in Vienna at the beginning of the 15th century, among them a selection of manuscripts from the Masters Nikolaus and Michael and the Master of the “Albrechtsgebetsbuch“.

- Missals and livres d’heures, illuminated in mid 15th century by scholars of the “Lehrbüchermeister” at the Monastery of Klosterneuburg. Theses book artists later worked for Emperor Maximilian I.
- Breviary for Emperor Friedrich III: As early as 1462 Provost Jakob Paperl found interest in the printing of books and bought, for example, a beautiful Plinius edition, printed in Venice. Further incunabula were brought to Klosterneuburg and illuminated by the Master of the Breviary for Emperor Friedrich III during the 1470s. Also on show will be the genealogical tree of the Babenberger dynasty, edited by Ladislaus Sunthaym in 1485 and printed on large and richly illuminated parchment plates along with other amazing manuscripts and incunables in very rare original 15th century bindings.

(Picture: Monastery of Klosterneuburg)


15 Sept. 2015|30 Juin 2016
Stiftsplatz 1
Monastery of Klosterneuburg (curators: Maria Theisen, Susanne Rischpler, Michaela Schuller-Juckes)
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