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Catholics in the New World - A Selection of 16th to 18th Century Texts

decoration01 Sept. 2015|31 Jan. 2016

Over 65 years before the first English settlers stepped off the boat in Jamestown, Virginia, the first Catholic books printed in the Americas rolled off the presses in Mexico City. The new Rosenbach exhibition presents 16th to 18th century works from both sides of the Atlantic that document Catholics’ evolving relationship with the Americas, including highlights such as: the oldest surviving book printed in the Western hemisphere, Doctrina Breve, published in Mexico City in 1544; the oldest book published in South America, Doctrina Christiana, printed in Lima in 1584; an 18th century Mexican book containing 2624 anagrams of the angel’s greeting to Mary; next to prayer books and catechisms translated into Native American languages like Aymara, Zapotec, and Montagnais.

(Picture: Rosenbach Museum & Library)


01 Sept. 2015|31 Jan. 2016
Delancey Place
Philadelphia, PA
Rosenbach Museum & Library
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