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South Sea Adventures and Explorations – Third Bibliophile Evening at Paul Kainbacher Rare Books

decoration26 Août 2015|28 Août 2015

Baden (Vienna), 26th September, 2015 - a must for collectors who are interested in rare and fine books on travel and exploration and for all, who are seeking adventures in literary or in real life travelling to one of the most inspiring, wild and romantic regions of the world: the South Sea. Dr. Paul Kainbacher invites customers and colleagues to go on a fascinating journey with books.

The Third Bibliophile Evening at his antiquarian bookshop in Baden (Vienna) is dedicated to the history and exploration of the South Sea. Surrounded by books, maps and prints two widely known experts will tell the stories of the great expeditions to the South Sea, relate the historical background, the scientific results and the biographies of the famous explorers, seafarers and scientists who brought the knowledge of the South Sea to Europe.

5 pm

Prof. Dr. Hermann Mückler

The Mutiny of the Bounty and other noteworthy stories of European adventurers in the South Sea

The Mutiny of the Bounty shows under which extreme conditions people were travelling southward from the 17th to the 19th century. Whalers, slave traders, adventurers, settlers, and explorers – they all belonged to those who wrote early accounts about the Pacific Islands. They tell us about numerous strange and curious encounters with the islanders. With reference to their reports Hermann Mückler discusses how those first encounters took place, what happened to the strangers and to the islanders, how conflicts and friendships developed.

Hermann Mückler is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Vienna, his scientific focus lies on the historical and political situation in the South Pacific region. He is President of the Anthropological Society in Vienna. Recently published: a four-volume work on the cultural history of Oceania, a book about “Austrians in the South Sea” and a biographical handbook on “Missionaries in Oceania”.

7 pm

Mag. David G.L. Weiss

The expedition of Novara 1857-1859. The final joint venture of Austria and the German States in the South Sea

David G.L. Weiss speaks about the Austrian explorers in the South Sea, especially about the Novara expedition fro 1857 to 1859. After finishing his anthropological studies at the University of Vienna Weiss has been working as a journalist for the ORF, as an author of crime stories and non-fiction. His book on “The Novara – Austria’s Dream of World Power“ has recently been published.


Book Presentation

Dr. Paul Kainbacher, specialist on rare travel accounts, natural history and early photographies from exotic places, shows treasures from his stock.


26 Août 2015|28 Août 2015
Elisabethstraße 33 / Eichwaldgasse 1
Baden (Vienna)
Dr. Paul Kainbacher Rare Books
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